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Terms & Conditions

Driver - renter must be 21 years old and his driving licence must be issued at least 12 months prior to rental. An international driving licence is required for all rentals unless driver-renter is a citizen of a European Community country. American, Chinese, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian citizens must have an international driving licence.

The rental car is insured for one person - the named driver-renter. If others are to drive your Holiday Drive car, then those people need to be present and show their driving license when the car is picked up.

All fines resulting from the driver-renter conduct are born solely by the driver- renter.

In case of an accident or any other incident, contact immediately the company.MOB.: +30 6972348208

In the event that the driver-tenant, either negligently or deliberately or at the fault of a third party, causes mechanical damage to the engine or other mechanical part of the car, he undertakes full repair of damage and spare parts on order to assure our company that the car is still reliable.

Any damage to the third car, the vehicle of a third party is covered by the insurance. Personal accident insurance covers all persons involved, including the driver-renter.

THE COMPANY does not cover:

  • Damages caused intentionally or by negligence.
  • Damages caused by incorrect fuel.
  • Damages caused as a result of a breach of the rental agreement's terms
  • and conditions.
  • Damages caused while the company car was on board ship.
  • Negligence regarding loading of a vehicle or keys safe keeping

Also insurance does not cover driver-renter or any other authorized driver- renter is under the influence of alcohol, medication, drugs, barbiturates e.t.c. If the company car is damaged or stolen by driver-renter's culpability or negligence, the driver-renter will be liable, up to the total car's commercial value at the time of accident or theft.

All rates and charges in this contract are subjected to V.A.T 24%

consumption is payable by the driver-renter.

The estimated charge is payable in full at the beginning of the rental period. Credit cards are accepted. Money can not be returned.

At the end of the agreed rental period, Holiday Drive allows a grace period of 30 minutes free of charge after which, the driver-renter will be charged with 15 euros per hour.

  • “To carry persons or property for hire
  • “To tow any vehicle, trailer or other object
  • "In race, test or contest a following rally
  • “For subleasing by driver-renter to any other party
  • "To transfer or carry any heavy luggage, flammable materials e.t.c.

KEYS is driver-renter's responsibility and he has to return it.In case of a lost key the driver-renter has to pay 320 euros.

Allowed only with prior written agreement with KLADIS RENTAL. Please note that any damage to the car in transit will be not covered by any insurance.

The Company reserves the right to provide a different car model to that originally reserved of an equivalent or higher model type. BABY SEATS: Available on request. In case of a lost baby seat the driver- renter has to pay 60 euros.

The rental period begins with the delivery of the car and always ends the next day at 8.00 a.m unless there's a different agreement between the driver-renter The carriage of a vehicle outside Zakynthos by other means of transport is FORBIDDEN.It is only allowed if our company agrees with the customer for the destination, the km mileage and the minimum fee is 3 € per kilometer. In any other case, the renter of the vehicle is prosecuded by our company for stealing.

We may amend the above terms and rates without prior notice.